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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Kitchen Interiors: IKEA Debuts 2015 Kitchen Line Filled With Ultra-Efficient, Spa...

IKEA developed the concept of Sektion after thoroughly investigate the main needs of people in modern kitchen today, discovering the ease of use and functionality was the most important.

The highlight of Sektion is its system of stackable drawers soft-closing that "boxes within boxes" discreetly keeps everything from cookware, linens, pots and pans, recycling bins, easy pull-out - what is not reaching, bending or crawling through cabinets to get things. Even appliances such as dishwashers blend seamlessly with the rest of the design, wearing the same outer fa├žade and its neighbor’s drawers. Overhead cabinets 15 inches deep are easily accessible as well, opening "up" rather than "out", thus creating a more accessible and organized space. The drawers and overhead cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and combinations materials including bamboo and white high gloss, all of which can be practically arranged in digital self-service kiosks IKEA before buying.

IKEA developed the concept of Sektion after thoroughly investigate the main needs of people in modern kitchen today, discovering the ease of use and functionality was the most important. Kathleen Wilbur, US Sales Leader IKEA explains:

"At IKEA, we understand that people want to create a home that is comfortable, safe and inviting for your friends and family." She says, "For the new kitchen Sektion, this meant creating a collection that is beautiful, easy to use, and works for all activities of daily living, cooking and eating to socialize and do homework."

Sektion replaces the old kitchen collection, AKURUM, which was more inclined self and less customizable. With Sektion, there is more freedom to adapt the design and style for your personal use, and there is a little more help from experts in IKEA kitchens and less of a 'DIY' feeling, although customers are still welcome to design their own kitchens. If desired, IKEA plan, measure, order and install your entire kitchen at your side.

All Sektion specifically measured in whole numbers to fit perfectly with other collections of IKEA, including a wide range of interior organizers to make it even easier to retrieve and organize items. Overhead cabinets and drawers are also equipped with integrated LED lighting, full remote control and automatic control of lighting in drawer.

In recent years, IKEA has made significant sustainable efforts worldwide, including the installation of solar panels on all IKEA stores and warehouses, the use of geothermal heat pumps, and a huge investment in wind farms, all with the goal of producing as much energy from its own renewable resources, using 2020. In fact, recently announced that last year IKEA sold $ 1,300,000,000 dollars in sustainable products themselves. The kitchen Sektion collection consists of several ecological characteristics, including low-flow faucets ventilation, energy saving devices, bamboo drawers, 100% LED lighting, North American-made cabinets and quartz countertops instead of granite.

While we can test each IKEA hack in the world, sometimes there is no way around a lack of wardrobe, drawer and counter space. If this does not inspire remodel your kitchen, do not know what will.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Prototype Design Lab's Manitou Lodge Is Planned Around The Kitchen

Laboratory Prototype Design Manitou Lodge Is Planned Around The Kitchen

laboratory prototype design has been conceived 'lodge manitou' for a family that loves to cook, eat and entertain. Study scheme based in Toronto retirement home has been planned for a lifestyle that is based in the kitchen - the centerpiece of the residence. Social space has been developed with a kitchen of a restaurant in the mind, so that industrial along with intimacy expressed through the stainless steel surfaces, contrasting with modern, eclectic vintage accessories.

The kitchen table is counter height as an extension of the large island

These details include hanging lamps, shelves float glass, marble countertops and slate panels with blackened steel frame that act as cabinet doors; reinforced by hot items such as a wall fixture reclaimed barn wood and roof, next to a table made from reclaimed wine boxes. Paddle 'manitou lodge' suggests a classic but contemporary space that offers the amenities and services of a dining establishment.

A wide view of the kitchen where the family spends most of his time

Chalk board sliding panels conceal floating glass shelves

A table made from reclaimed wine boxes adds warmth to the space industrial kitchen

View of the preparation of the kitchen next to the main area of cooking, eating and entertainment

A huge basement is installed to store extensive collection of family wine

A neon invites family and friends for a drink at the bar

A cozy, double height living room with lake view