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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Top Trends of 2014 in Kitchen Appliances

Each year we get to see several new kitchen trends, but as far as kitchen appliances are concerned they almost remain the same. However, now companies have started designing appliances according to the needs of their customers so they can choose the ones which best suits the design of their kitchens. Moreover, these appliances are designed by keeping the latest trends in mind, so they could add more sophistication and beauty to your cooking room. For instance classic appliances of stainless steel appliances which used to be a part of commercial kitchens once can now be spotted in every other kitchen. Therefore, before buying the appliances for the kitchen make sure that you know what’s hot and what’s not.

Built-in Refrigerators

One of the latest trends in kitchen appliances of 2014 is to have a built-in refrigerator. The best thing about having an integrated refrigerator is that one can match it with the cabinets in the kitchens by opting for wood panels. These wood panels will make your refrigerator look more like a furniture piece in the kitchen. Those, who want something different, can go with a stainless steel integrated refrigerator to have a shinning accent in their cooking area. However, if you have a traditional style kitchen then, a retro-style refrigerator will be the best option, as it is another hot trend of 2014. You can find extensive range of branded kitchen appliances at Wilson Fink Kitchen and Interiors.

Built-In Beverage Centers

It is good to have a wine cooler in a kitchen, but opting for a built-in beverage centre will not only allow you to keep wines, but sodas, mixers and beer as well. More importantly built-in beverage centre is a hit trend of 2014 for kitchens.

Multi-Function Ovens

When it comes to selecting ovens for the kitchens many love to have a 36-inch range because it is big enough to cook any kind of dish. However, a range oven alone would not do the job, as today microwave has also become a necessity. Therefore, whenever you buy an oven make sure that it is multi-function, so you can have both convection and microwave oven at the same time. If this idea does not seem much appealing to you then, steam oven is another option for your kitchen. A steam oven cannot only be used as a convection oven, but also to heat the food.

Side by Side Single Ovens 

Though, multi-function ovens sound pretty functional, but having two single ovens side by side would prove even better. Given that both ovens can be installed at a comfortable height. On top of it, if one of them gets break, you can cook or heat the food in other without addressing the entire unit like a multi-function oven.

Concealed Appliances

People who have open kitchens or their cooking area is right in front of the living room, always try to hide their small appliances when they are not in use. However, due to lack of storage place such people often found it difficult to conceal appliances like tea and coffee makers. To sort this issue designers like Wilson Fink have introduced sliding and bi-fold doors that easily slides back and reveals the appliances when they are required. In this way, the owner can easily use the appliances without bringing them out of their place.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

What's In, What's out for Kitchens in 2014?

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen and picking out the all-time favorite granite stone for countertops and rich colors for floors? Well, it is time to rethink these and many other trends that have been favorites in the past year or so. With the advent of 2014, new trends have cropped up and these have gone out of the window. Replacing these 2013 trends are materials, colors and designs that will make your kitchen a comfortable, slightly traditional and homely place to be at. Zillow Digs Home Design Trend report has just come out for the year 2014 and the following is their take on the top trending kitchen designs:

Granite Vs. Caesarstone: Granite countertops are so 2013. Welcome to 2014 where experts are gushing over materials like quartz and caesarstone that are more durable and reasonable in price too. The problem that many kitchen designers are experiencing with granite is that it is not uniform in it's design because it is a natural stone and there are bound to be a few pink or white lines here and there. Caesarstone seems to be the best choice after granite because it is uniform in design, chips less easily and is also cheaper. This stone comes in a variety of thicknesses and around 20 colors making it a versatile and much wanted material. Although it is synthetic it does not damage easily at all and it is a sustainable material for countertops that will last for a long time.

Open Cabinetry: Kitchen design experts are no longer using closed cabinetry in 2014, because again it is definitely going out of fashion. Mostly this is because, in 2014, kitchens will be designed to be more open-spaced and a socially friendly place. It has been noticed that more and more people are spending time in their kitchens with friends or family. People want to mark the kitchen territory as an expression of themselves, so the only thing that makes sense in terms of cabinetry is to have open cabinets. Another thing is that people want everything to be within their reach and where they can see it as it makes it more convenient to cook. The more exposed, the better it is for people.

Work Triangle Reorganized: According to a survey by Zillow 29% of homeowners want to make their kitchens contemporary but want it to be functional and comfortable. The kitchen has become the center of the house as many mothers or homeowners would tell you, because children always want something from the fridge, and parents want them to eat dinner in front of them while they cook. So, we have to re imagine the work place in the kitchen and make it more useful for the homeowners. It has to be designed in a way that it does not come in the way of the person cooking while it also facilitates them.

Light Floor plans: Ok, so a lot of people prefer the dark cherry wood that gives their kitchen a rich and warm look. However, kitchen designers are of the opinion that it is going out of fashion, and in it's place people now prefer lighter colored floors. However, it is true that lighter colors will show more scratches, spills and stains, so it is obviously not being recommended for those who have children. Light floors make the kitchen look more open and free, making it more welcoming and open-spaced as contemporary kitchens are meant to be.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Importance of Kitchen Appliances

There was a time when most kitchen processes like cutting, chopping, slicing or blending were done by hand and required a lot of labor. However, those times are far bygone and so much in the past that hardly anybody remembers! With our busy schedules, time-consuming careers and jobs, it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with hand made products or actually, anything being done laboriously in the kitchen. From chopping, to keeping the water cool everything is being done by the wonderful kitchen appliances we can easily buy, and that too at cheap prices.

Although some kitchen appliances may seem to be expensive, they are after all an investment because rarely do you throw away kitchen appliances very quickly. Running on electricity, our kitchen electrical appliances are available to us throughout the day and have sped up the process of cooking or preparing meals. One of the most loved invention is the microwave, toaster and coffee machine which has made our lives so much easier by giving us instant breakfast and making us go to work on time. There is a variety of electrical appliances available in the market these days, and with the competition in the market you can find diverse range of price and quality.

Even kitchen décor experts recommend high tech kitchens, and to complete the look of your contemporary kitchen it is best to introduce some hi-tech looking gadgets. Nowadays, we often buy ready-to-eat meals or frozen meals which can be cooked electronically within minutes. If you are renovating your kitchen and thinking of buying some new gadgets, you should do research on them both online and in stores to find out what the latest appliances are. You will be able to find food processors and machines that perform multiple tasks, and also gadgets that are smaller in size but will only do one thing. Therefore, you should first know the space that is available in your kitchen before you buy something.

Appliances that perform multiple tasks are often preferred by customers, as with a cooking range you can grill, bake, cook and keep food warm. It might seem more expensive but in the end you will be saving space and money too. The difference in the same type of kitchen appliances is based on the price mostly. But what also matters is the quality and the reviews of customers who have used such products in the past. Often people buy the same company gadgets which their mothers used because it gives them a sense of security and satisfaction. There might even be an appliance you prefer because of it's design, but the deciding factor for all appliances should be it's efficiency and durability. Kitchen appliance are an investment thus these two factors are very important when choosing electrical appliances for your kitchen.

Hi-tech kitchen gadgets have changed our lives for the better. They have made our lives more time efficient, comfortable and easier to cater to more guests. Now you do not have to have help in the kitchen nor do you have to prepare fresh food every single day! Nowadays, you can even buy kitchen appliances online, which is another miracle of this new age.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Top 5 Interior Design Blogs You Should Follow

Interior design blogs are a great way to get inspired by real people visiting real homes with their genuine and original ideas. They will give you honest advice, and not try to sell a product because they are bloggers and honesty is what these authors are best at. You will find lots of guidance and help from these top 5 interior design blogs that you should follow

Decor8 Blog

This is an amazing blog to follow and almost all other interior designer bloggers follow this great design blog. This blog has gained so much popularity over the years that the owner Holly Becker has authored two best-selling design books called 'Decorate Workshop' and 'Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home' with another book on it's way to be released in Spring of 2014. She updates her blog regularly and lets her readers know the latest trends and fashion in interior designing, whether it is for your kitchen's interior or bathroom. This blog has some amazing photos that can inspire you to renovate your home! This blog is not just strictly about designing though, which I really like because Holly also gives personal details of her lives, even sharing recipes and inspiring stories from her early blogging days. Definitely an interior design blog to follow if you want to know what design experts have to say about the latest trends and fashion.

Janelle Mcculloch Library of Design

Janelle McCulloch Library of Design another awesome blog filled with information on designing the interior of your house and revamping old and worn out spaces. As it goes with blogs, Janelle likes to share her personal memoirs as she loves traveling as well, so you will get to experience the world through her eyes. Other than that, her main focus is on designing the insides of your home, helping you out with color palettes, design ideas and much more. Along with her traveling memories, you get to read about architecture around the world and you can see that her ideas are inspired from a lot of international exposure to various design and interiors.

The Peak of Chic

The Peak of Chic is a must visit interior design blog as this blog owner is again a popular author of interior designing. Jennifer Boles is a lover of old times and how we can inculcate the glamorous interior designing of the past in to our modern lifestyles. Borrowing ideas from the past can really help you create a chic look in your house. Going through her blog you will come across many great ideas on revamping your home for every season and every holiday. She guides you through different time and also on how to decorate different spaces to achieve maximum benefit out of it. As she puts it herself this blog is her 'Musings on Stylish Living' and that is truly what this blog is all about.

Design Tripper

This is blog is simply min-blowing with great photography to help you and inspire you to recreate the look in your house to the tee. It is full of gorgeous pictures from the bloggers travels and it is like a travelogue cum interior design blog which is just perfect. More pictures, less words -that defines Design Tripper and is definitely something anyone slightly interested in interior design would love to follow and have a look at.

Emerson Merrick

Amy Merrick, basically a floral designer runs a blog that also has lots of ideas on designing your house, it's floors, walls, sofas and much more. Beautiful photography and beuatiful words define this blog. You will be inspired to be surrounded by colors of nature after visiting this blog and it can guide you into making your house a pretty place.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Traditional Kitchen Designing Trends For 2014

Initially there was a revolution in the kitchen designing department and everything started to look different. The old way of using wood etc was termed as the 'traditional' kitchen look and people moved on to more modern and contemporary look for the kitchen's interior. Everything was sleek, chic and very futuristic. However, as years have passed by, people are slowly reverting back to the traditional look but by putting a contemporary twist in it. This combination of ultra modern and traditional is a winner and in the year 2014, we can look forward to some amazing kitchen trends that will make your kitchen more comfortable and convenient.

Open Shelves:
One of the upcoming kitchen trends 2014 are that floating shelves or open shelves which has made life much easier. It is convenient because you can see exactly where everything is placed! If you are someone like me who is not as organized or a working man or woman who does not get time to organize the grocery or pots cabinet then this is exactly what you need. Open shelves have no cabinet door on them so you can see everything and it is in open display to the world as well. It would help to keep it neat but obviously it will make your life easier when cooking or serving.

Kitchen Islands:
Kitchen islands are not going out of trend for a while now! That is brilliant news because these islands have helped in making families eat together and spend more quality time together. It is a space which also gives you ease and convenience when cooking so you have a work space that is not too far from the hob. It also means that while you are cooking or baking your children can have their lunch under your supervision while you also catch up with them on their day. By socializing in the kitchen you can keep an eye on whatever you are cooking so that’s another major plus point.

Choose Kitchen-Ware Wisely:
Your crockery and kitchenware is also just as important as the theme of the kitchen. You do not have to necessarily match the kitchenware with the kitchen but it always helps that it is similar looking. Your kitchen pots, pans, crockery is also a way of expressing yourself. The best to do it, as this article explains as well at, is to let your kitchen grow with you. So, decorate it as you go along, you do not have to do it in one go. It helps to collect things like magnets, cookbooks, decorating items, lamps etc as the year passes by. Let the kitchen be an expression of your personality and style.

Kitchen Shelves DIY:
There are many online tutorials to help you recreate and renovate kitchen shelves by yourself. These Do it yourself tutorials are easy to follow and can help you make amazing stuff at a low price!

Express your Style:
Never compromise on your own style. That is one of the most important factors when renovating a kitchen. A kitchen designer will tell you what he or she prefers, but in the end the choice should be all yours. You are going to be spending the maximum amount of time in the kitchen so choose colors and combinations that you can face everyday. Go for trends that suit your needs and your style of using the kitchen. Also, keep in mind children safety and the number of guests you have every now and then.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Designer

Should I commission the renovation of my kitchen to an expert? Or should I do it completely on my own? If you are not sure about either, it is best that you do hire a professional kitchen designer like Wilsonfink to help you out in remodeling your kitchen into the most comfortable, convenient place and the kitchen of your dreams. We do not realize it that much but revamping our kitchen is very important and should be done after every few years.

Using the help of a professional can be very beneficial, because they are up to date with the latest trends. Another reason for choosing kitchen designers is that they will be able to give you a variety of ideas with a range of budgets, explaining why something is expensive and how to budget your kitchens remodeling. This is helpful for the client, as you can decide exactly how much you want to spend and what are the pros and cons of various materials and designs that you will incorporating into the kitchen. You might feel that a kitchen designer or decorator does not do much except advise you on where to hang pictures, place the plants etc. However, they do much more than this because they can help you remodel the architecture, make your space look larger, increase storage space, help you choose cheaper materials and much much more.

There are a number of kitchen designers available these days, so how do you decide on one? Who will be able to do the best job? You have to think about a few things before you pick out someone to commission for your kitchens remodeling. First of all, you have to know that every individual or kitchen designing company have their own style of décor. You need to find one who suits your needs the most and understands what you want out of your kitchen. The mutual understanding between you and your designer has to be of a high level to be able to achieve satisfaction at your end. Once you have chosen a person for this job there are many benefits to it.

Most importantly, it takes a lot of tension of your mind as the professional designer is responsible for doing most of the legwork, getting you to see variety of floor samples, cabinet samples, counter-top material samples etc. Their years of experience has allowed them to know exactly where to get what and also established contacts with wholesale marketers who can sell them stuff for cheaper. They can give you the information on what are the latest trends in lighting, windows, cabinetry, floors and so much more. They can also inform you of what they have learned from their experiences and guide you to not make the same mistakes that some homeowners may have made.

One of the many benefits to seeking assistance from a professional decorator, when you are looking to remodel your kitchen, is the expertise you are given. Professional decorators are individuals who not only have a large amount of experience, but also individuals that have a decent amount of training. Many professional decorators went to college or at least took a few decorating courses. This experience and training often means that they know what works and what doesnt work. If you are looking to change the design of your kitchen, with a little bit of remodeling, you may want to know what does and doesnt work, from a professional standpoint.

So, even though you will be paying the designer money, in the end your kitchen will look beautifully done and will be more durable. Most kitchen designers promise that you will not have to remodel it again for many years. This is because they provide you with the best and durable materials as well as making enough space for you to love it for ages.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Top 5 Kitchen Designing Trends For 2014

Every year, January is the month that maximum people feel the most motivated to bring changes into their lives and do what they have been procrastinating for ages. Its the magic of the new year and new dawn which makes people move an extra inch and finally get that certain thing done. Therefore, if you have been thinking of renovating your kitchen for ages, now is a good time to do it. With the new year, you should take new decisions and go the extra mile to do all that you have put on the back foot. We often do not give our kitchens that much thought because we feel it's too much hard work and a lot of investment. However, you should start with doing one thing at a time if you feel you need to budget it out or just spend once and for all! In both situations, you will be saving yourself energy and going ahead with the kitchen project.

Before you start with creating a new look, make sure you know what your budget is so you can stretch it and make wise decisions. This will really help you and you can do this by making comparisons of prices online and checking what other people spend on their kitchens. This does not mean that you check those high end kitchens, but you can find normal and average people on various forums to guide you about the budget. You should know where it is important to dish out money and where it is unnecessary to be spending to much.

Know your Style:
Secondly, do not start looking in every magazine and every shop because that can really confuse you! Look out for great deals online that will help you in deciding, because some people charge more money while others may be giving you the same thing at a lower price. Selling things online is cheaper thats why you will find a lot of bargains on the Internet. If you go through celebrity kitchens, that will be the worst thing to do to yourself. Well, you can check out what is trending but do remember that very few of them actually spend time in the kitchen the way you do and their level of comfort required in the kitchen space may be different than yours.

Cabinetry that is built-in:
Introduce built-in cabinets into your kitchen to give it a face-lift that it needs. This is one of the top kitchen trends 2014 and you can find them easily in every kitchen design store. They look great as they are easy to install and can increase the storage space in your kitchen.

Back Splashes inspired by Nature:
Keep a look out for the latest kitchen 2014 trends so that you know what you need to change in your kitchen. One of the biggest trends in 2014 are back splashes and according to styleathome, you should make the back splash the center of attention of your kitchen. This will help enhance the look of your kitchen and it can even be done at a lower budget if that is ALL you change in the kitchen it will give it a new and trendy look. Once you are done with that, you could move on to lighter floors as the next project if you are doing it in episodes. Paler colors on the floor are more popular although darker floors are more trendy because lighter colors tend to look cleaner. Even a spot of dust on a dark floor looks very obvious!

Brass and Copper Accessories:
Brass, bronze or copper accessories in the kitchen will give your kitchen a whole new look by it's rustic appearance yet looking very modern. You can do this by buying some expensive looking but cheap copper kettles or pots and pans. You could also replace the drawer handles and the best thing is you can easily buy them, or look out for DIY projects online to help you create this look. Also, you need to write down your priorities and how you will feel the most comfortable. Discuss it with a kitchen expert or someone who has just gotten their kitchen renovated. They will be able to guide you on the different materials and colors so you do not go through same bad experience that they went through.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Kitchen Interior Recommendations For 2014

As we enter the New Year with lots of positive resolutions and determined to make the most of the year 2014, we will also be seeing lots of changes in fashion and trends. For those concerned with kitchen designing and kitchen trends in 2014, it is important to be updated whether you are a homeowner or kitchen designer. You should be able to invest wisely in your new kitchen with the latest accessories, decorate it with trendy colors and give it the newest look. It's important to remember that you should decorate the room according to the shape and size of your kitchen. You should do the interior in a way that suits and compliments your whole house. The top trends in kitchen designing are as follows:

Open or Floating Shelves are one of the most trending kitchen interior ideas and are great to make your kitchen look bigger. These shelves make it easy to store your grocery and other items of the kitchen like cutlery, pots or pans. Open shelves also make it easier for you to access ingredients and pots while cooking so that it is more convenient for you to cook. Not only do they make you kitchen look spacier, these open shelves are a top trends for 2014!

Letting in natural light is definitely trending in 2014! With the darker color tones taking up parts of the kitchen color palette, you will need lots of light to make the dark colors look rich and enticing. Open up a sun-roof if you do not have enough windows, or get French windows or even a bay window in your kitchen to let the sunshine in. Accessorize your kitchen windows with sheer and light fabrics to make your kitchen look fantastic.

Patterns in your kitchen are another kitchen interiors designing idea that will pick up in the year 2014. With patterned back splash making it big in the kitchen designing area, you might want to reconsider getting that paint job done and instead opt for a decent design in tiles and get them installed. Tiles are easy to clean as well and they will look fab in your kitchen.

In the year 2014, kitchen experts are recommending that you go for lighter kitchen floors. Even though darker floors are in vogue but fewer people are opting for it as they realize it does not really work for them. Darker wood on the floor will show even a small amount of dust and scratches. Homeowners with children want a floor that will last a long time with a lot of scratching, spilling and mess which works if the floors are in a paler or lighter tone.

This will also be the year for you to put on some copper accessories or copper pots and pans on display in your kitchen. The color copper will give your kitchen a little variety of color, making it look contemporary yet giving it that slight touch of being unique. You can easily buy a couple of new accessories or a copper kettle to give your kitchen a modern yet vintage twist!

Oh and if you have started to miss the warmth of wood on the floors, definitely go ahead with it because marble or porcelain floors are out! We will be welcoming 2014 with warm tones and warm material to keep your kitchen look comfortable and inviting.